Writing Status: Improving Plot Structure for Salvage, Ep. 1

So, sometimes a writer has to tighten her belt, er, plot.   Did I mention my unique talent for making a short story very, very long?  Turns out that’s something to rein in to create a great story.

After research, thought, and analysis, I’ve tightened up the plot for Salvage’s episode 1.

So, after nailing down the plot, subplots (including combining 2 plot threads), all key scenes, and some details about the key scenes, I’ve gone back to the draft of episode 1 to rearrange some scenes and tweak the writing a bit.  I also know have a writing-Salvage crib sheet to use as I tweak these scenes and write new ones.  The result so far seems to be a more balanced and nuanced story.  And the work is flowing really well.

Stay tuned for details.

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