Writing Advice: 5 Best Writing Resources of 2019

Currently, my five top writing resources:

  1. Writing Excuses.  This podcast rocks.  Professional authors, relevant information, no fluff, just the meat of what good writing is.
  2. The Business of Being a Writer.  Jane Friedman’s Facebook group is invaluable to prepare me for professional publication, electronically or otherwise.
  3. Scrivener.  There’s no doubt this writing tool has organized my writing and increased my productivity.
  4. Absolute Write.  This website forum is massive with very active members.  It’s helped answer wide-ranging questions, given me a way to hone my critiquing skills, provided a mechanism for others’ input to my work, and much more.
  5. Google.  Yes, okay, it’s ubiquitous.  But, it’s still so very useful.  How do I use it?
    • Google Search: writer’s workshops, the difference between alpha and beta readers, whether or not making water from hydrogen and oxygen in space is better than collecting ice and melting it… and so much more.
    • Google Drive, principally to share writing excerpts for critique, or to critique others’ work
    • Google mail.  I have an account just for my writing, including newsletters that I subscribe to.

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