What Sparks My Ideas?

Although ideas for my essays come from media and current events, my fictional ideas come almost exclusively from one source.

My dreams.

Yes, my dreams.  My subconscious likes to generate stories in my sleep.  If I’m lucky enough, I can capture enough of the idea the next morning to journal it.

Some circles may consider me a lucid dreamer, as I am aware I’m dreaming and am cognizant of the real world.  Others would not consider me such, as I cannot control my dreams.  I’m either a passive observer — the story is in third person — or I’m the protagonist in a first-person story.

This isn’t as easy as it sounds.  Sometimes I wake up after the third chapter.  Even worse, sometimes I wake up and groan, thinking “That didn’t make any sense!’

But, sometimes, I’m able to start developing the dream into a full-fledged story, such as Sifa and Peter.

Until next time!


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