Tidbits of Writing Advice Gleaned

These quotes are few bits of writing humor I found applicable in my development as a writer so far.  Hope they make you smile, too.

  1. “Celebrate your first draft… but don’t show it to anyone.  First drafts are almost always awful, worthless pieces of writing.”  — Joe Bunting

  2. “Everything is awesome… everything is nuclear…” dog poop… “everything is distracting… the blank page is a terrifying polar expanse where I will die… glue, duct tape, bubble gum… made a wrong turn… about 100 pages ago… none of this makes sense at all… wander aimlessly… I wrote four words today… ” — Chuck Wendig

  3. “Self-doubt.  Wait… I’m writing a BOOK? Who am I kidding? What do I know? Who talked me into this again? Must ID scapegoat to blame” — Ann Handley

  4. “Stage 7. Isolation… To truly commit yourself to your craft, you have to remove all distractions. Get offline. Turn off your cell phone. Board up your windows so you can’t see that it’s a beautiful day outside that would be perfect for a walk. The only thing today is perfect for is writing your novel.” — Molly Horan

  5. “The ‘My book is drafted, now I’m going to make it better—better than anyone else has ever tried to make their books. And it’s going to sell a million copies!’ phase… one of many of what I would call “delusional” phases. Most people overestimate their own abilities to ascend above the average result, and you are not the exception. (Ironically, you will think you are the exception, by your nature.) It’s okay to feel this way as it might spur you along, but don’t bet the farm on your future success just yet.” — Monica Leonelle

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