January Status

Ramping up for the new year, now!

Several science fictions works are in progress as I gather ideas for work in other genres.  Sifa and Peter, my original novel, remains on hold, as does the children’s series Zeddy and Bubba.

My science fiction work, Out of the Blue, is progressing quite well.  Based on excellent feedback from a critique partner and the excellent folks over on Absolute Write, I’ve really improved the opening scene.  I’ve given up on it being a short story — too large a cast and no easy way to strip the story down any further.  Novella, here I come!

I’m also working on a science fiction episodic series (think television series).  It seems the most viable candidate for my first epublishing effort on Amazon.  I’m excited about the concept but I’m struggling a bit with the overall structure and in terms of a character arc that spans episodes.  More on project Salvage Girl to come!

I’m thinking I may have to revive Zeddy and Bubba as an ebook series, instead of heading to a traditional publishing house.  Also, each story needs a better conflict.

I’m hoping to increase my writing hours in 2018.  We’ll see what happens!

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