7 Quick Ways to Finding Your Writing Tribe

Is your goal to find other writers you can meet face-to-face, who want to be published, who strive for professionalism as an author, and who want to share the journey and exchange feedback on a periodic basis?

If you answered yes, what are your options?

1. Google search

Use your city or state to search: “Nebraska Writers” or “writers groups”

2. Meetup.com

Search for “writers” or “authors”

3. Ask

Check with your local friendly librarian or bookstore manager, ask people you know, ask people you don’t know.  Word-of-mouth is a wonderful thing

4.  Conferences and Workshops

Networking is important in most careers, including the business of writing.  Attend writer’s conferences and workshops.  You never know who you might meet!

5.  Your Local University

Although sometimes more literary in nature, groups that spring from university roots can be dynamic

6.  Local Community Groups

Sometimes city or county recreational centers or community centers sponsor classes or old-school meetups.

7.  Start Your Own

It may sound intimidating at first, but the rewards could be great.  Advice exists to help you get started, find your feet, and roll on.

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