Writing Status: Salvage, Part 1

The last fraction of Part 1 of Salvage you would think would be easy to finish.  Wrapping it up has been a little more complicated, though.  I’ve spent some time streamlining my writing process, specifically in the spreadsheets where I go from plot elements to scenes to scene elements.  In the process, I’ve detailed each key scene a little more fully.   That seems to be making writing the actual scenes go a little faster.

Do I admit here I spent some time getting some Excel formulas to work to get a spreadsheet page, that once given a scene #, goes and looks up the relevant information in all the other worksheets, including a subset of before and after scenes?  It felt good to let my inner geek out for a day or so (hello, former software engineer here?).

Recently, someone asked me about other WIP.  I do have some on the back burner, like Out of the Blue, but I’ve found a need lately for more focus.  For now, I’m concentrating solely on Salvage.  With writing directly, anyways!

I’m considering backing off on social media, like the posts on this blog, in favor of more writing and a little more networking with other writers.

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