Life of a Writer: More than Writing

There’s so much to the business of writing that goes far beyond putting words on paper (or into Microsoft Word).

Here’s few things writers tackle that may surprise you:

  • Building a social media platform.  How to best develop one’s brand?  Facebook? Twitter? Website? What content and when?  How much time to spend on a particular channel?
  • Studying the craft of writing: writing podcasts, articles, practice exercises, books on writing, and more
  • Research:  Any number of questions develop, such as…
    • What’s fewest number of people in a plastic surgeon’s operating room?
    • What kinds of sensors are in the Oval Office?
    • How does one write active characters?
    • What would firefighters do in the event a multi-car crash if they’re working the scene?
  • Structuring a Work:  What’s a hook? A midpoint?  Third person limited POV versus omniscient POV?  A dangling participle?  Showing vs. telling?

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