July Status and Ideas

Status?  Well, I still haven’t met my goal of 10 hours a week writing.

But, I’ve reached my 50 post goal on Absolute Write, so I can now submit stories for critique!  Wahoo!

But, the Zeddy and Bubba stories need rework before I can submit for critique.  After reading through the advice, it seems children’s books, at least through traditional publishing, follow strict dictates of word counts and style.  My stories are around 1300 words — too long for picture books, and too short for chapter books.

In addition to my work on the novel, I have had deeper thoughts prompting me toward essays about our society today, about people, about tension and conflict, about logic, about kindness.  I have seen fallacies in some arguing for a more complete separation of church and state.

I’m not sure about a market for essays, especially at where I am now with my writing.  I may just write essays for my own benefit for now.

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