January Books

Welcome to the reader’s corner!

This month: Craig Johnson, Peter Lovesey, Brandon Sanderson, and Bethany Turner.

I read quite a bit over the fall and the holidays, but few books stand out.  Last fall I finished Craig Johnson’s Longmire series (book and tv).  The only westerns I’ve ever really enjoyed besides the master of the genre, Louis L’Amour.

Last fall I also finished Lovesey’s Peter Diamond British mystery series.  Beyond Agatha Christie, I tend to enjoy British detective stories via television, not print, but I enjoyed Peter Lovesey’s work.

I’m in the middle of reading Brandon Sanderson’s Edgedancer novel.  Haven’t read much of his work for a while, but a writer’s podcast he co-hosts inspired me to pick it up.  I’ve really been looking at with more of a writer’s eye than a reader’s eye, although it’s captivating enough.

I also finished a very atypical Christian romance novel, The Secret Life of Sarah Hollenbeck by Bethany Turner.  It’s much more realistic than I expected, and less fluffy.  Don’t get me wrong — read it for entertainment, not for literary value.  But it’s of much higher quality than I usually read in the genre.

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