December Status

I have my first critique partner!  So exciting!

My novel and children’s series continue on hold.  I’m working on a revision of my science fiction short story, incorporating feedback from online and from my critique partner.

It’s been interesting learning how to add more emotion beats to my write and learning that sometimes the subtlety I shoot for — well, sometimes it’s just too subtle for the reader.

Writing Status for November

Writing Skill Development Takes Precedence

I’m not pushing to complete any of my works in progress at this point.  Instead, I’ve switched gears to improving my writing skills.  This involves incorporating feedback (thank you, Absolute Write Forums!) back into my stories and improving the way emotions are conveyed in my stories.  I’m using not only my works in progress but also snippets from my writing journal.   Stay posted for more before and after examples!

Being a Plotter

Entire arguments exist on the web about writing a book by the seat of your pants (pantsters) and writing by planning the structure in advance (plotter).  What I’ve found is that capturing my dreams and ideas is great as a pantster, but to write well I need to be a plotter.

So, my major ideas are now organized into a MS Word table identifying concept, premise, and M.I.C.E. quotient.  A few of these I’ve developed with a synopsis as well as major setup, conflict, climax, and resolution.  One or two now have heavily developed character charts.


Writing Status for October

Still reviewing my works in progress and developing better premises for my current list of ideas.  Sifa and Peter is still on hold, as is Zeddy and Bubba.  I’ve turned my attention to several science fiction ideas.  One may work as a short story, and another fits an episodic novella concept quite well, at least at this point.

Big Surprise: Writing Flaws = Personal Quirks

I’ve received feedback on my writing from the amazing folks over on Absolute Write.  I’ve submitted the first scene from Sfia and Peter and two thousand words of Out of the Blue 2.0 (see the Science Fiction section), as well as asking for feedback on Zeddy and Bubba as a concept.

Several people touched on the same things in their comments, and those things turn out to be related to what I’m working on in my personal life.  Why am I surprised?

  1. Over-explain.  I explain in too much depth and width.  Anyone who knows me well knows that!  And it clearly shows up in my writing
  2. Emotional Distance.  The readers don’t feel close to my characters.  Since I struggle to clearly identify and express my emotions to others, it’s not surprising this showed up in my writing.
  3. Timing.  My sense of timing, of when to go in greater depth with the settings versus the moment of tension, needs work.  Ha!  If you know me, you know my tendency to blurt, or to say the last thing first, etc.
  4. Lack of clarity.  Sometimes the readers are left wondering “Why?” too much, especially in regard to what the character’s motivations.

The comments were by no means all negative.  I’m just focusing on what’s wrong to make it better.  Stay tuned!

Novel’s First Four Chapters Ready for Beta-Read

When I say “ready,” I don’t mean I actually think my chapters are ready.  I like to keep going over and over the same scenes, tweaking them and making them better.  But, one does finally reach a point of diminishing returns.  One does reach a point when one shows one’s baby to the world.

So, I’m ready for an avid reader or two to read the first four chapters of Sifa and Peter and tell me what he or she thinks.  Researching beta-reading and identifying readers will occupy much of my administrative overhead this month.

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Writing News: Zeddy and Bubba

I finished a draft of a Zeddy and Bubba story!

My concept for the Zeddy and Bubba series is becoming more robust.  It will consist of travel adventure stories, introducing the reader (or the listener) to a wide range of experiences and locations in this world.

The next thing?  Besides revising the draft?  Deciding how much conflict needs to be in each story.  Right now, the stories are without much conflict, if that makes sense — almost like a travel report.

Writing Status: S&P Progress

The first part, of three parts, of my novel about Sifa and Peter, is shaping up nicely.  I feel like the section now builds the characters and builds up tensions for the upcoming conflicts in a decent way.  I’m still struggling a bit with Laura’s story — how much to reveal about her personal tragedy in the first part.  How much allusion versus specific detail should be included?  How much should I unravel, or unveil, about her problems?  After all, her story is not as prominent as Sifa’s, or Peter’s.

I may have finally found someone to review Peter’s work scene, someone who knows of the profession Peter has in the book.  We’ll see!