2019: Looking Ahead

A new year dawns, and we think about what is to come, what to do differently.  Sometimes we dream big, sometimes we dream small.  Sometimes we see that resolutions are rubbish.

This year, my personal theme is moving forward.  I know what I need to do, and I will push forward in several areas.  Not too many — just those areas of health, of writing, of relationship, where God leads me.

Goals are worthless unless they are the right goals, unless they are achievable, unless one at least knows a direction to try.  It doesn’t matter if it’s baby steps; it doesn’t matter if it’s a dance of two steps forward and one back.  It’s the direction and the movement that counts.

So, in 2019, get moving!


Dear Reader,

Welcome to my website!  Feel free to take a look around.

In work.   My primary work in progress is currently an episodic science fiction series code-named the Salvage project.  I’m also developing a few essays and articles when I take a break from Salvage.  My mainstream novel, the Sifa and Peter project, is on hold.

Background.  In my former career I worked on software for over a million personal computers, for three multi-million-dollar NASA spacecraft, and for helping pilots navigate.   Read more about my background here.

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Cindy Rae Johnson

A Great Mountain Hike

Driving south of town, you watch the two-lane blacktop curve back and forth around slight slopes of evergreens.  You catch glimpses of a rushing creek bed on your left.  Then, a large and beautiful pond, clear and shining, appears, and you almost miss your right turn on to Spruce Road.  The scent of pine needles wafts in your windows in the cool mountain breeze.

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Childhood Sun, Sea, and Wind

Take either the short ferry from Port A. and drive down Mustang Island, or cross the Intracoastal Waterway from Corpus.  Take Park Road 22 south down Padre Island, passing by beachfront parks and condos and Bob Hall Pier.  Keep going until buildings disappear and sandy flat vegetation stretches out on either side.  Keep going as the road ribbons onward.  Keep going to the entrance to a little known national park, Padre Island National Seashore.

2016 Poker Run at Bird Island Basin

2016 Poker Run at Bird Island Basin

Pay your entrance fee, and keep a sharp watch out for the first turn westward, away from the Gulf and the pounding surf.  A short drive, a cluster of cars, then  you see colorful sails dancing like butterflies across the water.  The sailboard rigs fill the water as they skim, race, flutter, flip, and tip.

Welcome to one of the best windsurfing spots in the world: Bird Island Basin.

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