March Writing News

Work continues on the Salvage project.  I’ve leveled up (so to speak) in my writing, and I feel like I’m actually adding layers to Part 1 that add depth and, interestingly enough, streamline the story flow some.  Work on Part 2 continues, sketching scenes in terms of dialogue and some action.

Meanwhile, I’m branching out with ideas about an article for Christian homeschoolers and an essay about Christan contemporary music’s lyrics as a reflection of society.

The arguments people in Christian circles propose for not pledging allegiance to our flag and our country are specious.

Some talk of divided loyalties – how pledging allegiance to the flag and country has us impossibly serving two masters.

Others talk about allegiance being contrary to our faith in Christ, defining it as acting out one’s duties to his lord, as loyalty and faithfulness, as constant commitment to further its object’s good name and cause.

Still others object as meaningless the phrase “Under God” or pledging to an inanimate object (the flag).

All three arguments are all somewhat plausible – but wrong.

Essay Ideas #1

Here are few very loose ideas for essays or stories down the road:

  1. Respect: earned versus always given.  

    For instance, should we not give respect to a person in our lives until they earn it, or should we give every person the respect due to them as a human being?  Do we give respect to those in authority because they are in authority or because of values?  Do those in authority have to earn it?

  2. Types of Prisons: of our own making versus prison cells of debilitating conditions, prison cells of mental distress, of hurt and fear, of anger and violence
  3. Conservative vs. conventional
  4. God, time, and the attempts by man to fit God into man’s notions of time
  5. Do you want to be a sheep?