Zeddy and Bubba

Zeddy and Bubba are best friends. They have adventures and learn a few things about the world along the way.

Zeddy is a very squawky and active chicken. His best friend, Bubba the bear, is more laid back. Together they have adventures at places at the beach, in the forest, and high up in the mountains. They learn about race car driving and fishing, about astronomy, and about friendship.

Latest News

  • Writing News: Zeddy and Bubba (5/13/2017)

    I finished a draft of a Zeddy and Bubba story!

    My concept for the Zeddy and Bubba series is becoming more robust.  It will consist of travel adventure stories, introducing the reader (or the listener) to a wide range of experiences and locations in this world.

    The next thing?  Besides revising the draft?  Deciding how much conflict needs to be in each story.  Right now, the stories are without much conflict, if that makes sense — almost like a travel report.

  • Zeddy and Bubba Excerpt (4/15/2017)

    The car soon pulled up at a large, flat field.  All over the field were colorful patches of fabric.  Groups of people were standing around here and there.