Salvage Project

Currently in progress, the Salvage project will be an eight-volume series. Each episode will be of at least novella length, if not a full-length novel.

Code-named “Salvage Girl”, the series is a coming-of-age story of a young woman struggling to survive in a perilous interstellar world. A dangerous gift and circumstances thwart her ambitions, but she perseveres to triumph over all.

In the first episode, we meet her the first time at thirteen years of age on a transport to a colony world. An emotionally immature genius, she lives on logic, yet her recent experience cannot be explained away and is causing problems on-board ship. Will the colonists make it safely to the new planet? Will she survive the enmity of the other passengers? Will she be able to control what’s causing the other passengers enmity toward her?

  • A milestone of a finished draft… of part 1 (12/11/2018)

    I’ve completed a draft of the first part of the first episode of the Salvage project. May not seem much, but it took a great deal of honing my writing craft to get here.

    If you’re interested in being a beta reader, let me know. I will — hopefully — cruise to the novel’s midpoint by early next year. The time I’ve taken to hone the plot and supporting scenes should really help.

  • Salvage: Emmett and Ship (11/17/2018)

    Dim lights flickered on, illuminating curved metal walls extending into darkness. While he waited, he put one hand on the smooth metal, envisioning the giant struts just outside, encasing the tube and holding the water tanks fast to the body of Brio’s Hope.
    From down the corridor came soft sounds, a light series of tapping soon followed by tiny green lights swirling around the tube, moving closer. Soon he could see the crowd of centipede-like robots spiraling around the corridor walls, the cleaning brushes sweeping around conduit and pipe. They soon streamed around him, on their way to their docking stations.

  • Salvage Project: The Drone (10/17/2018)

    The drone shot out of Brio’s starboard port.  The shimmering light of the FTL bubble danced and shivered as it curved around the hull. Inside the ship in a narrow access alcove near the water tanks, Emmett and Mr. Davis watched its progress on a small holographic display.  A collection of manual controls, unneeded for now, ranged below.

  • Writing Status: Improving Plot Structure for Salvage, Ep. 1 (9/26/2018)

    So, sometimes a writer has to tighten her belt, er, plot.   Did I mention my unique talent for making a short story very, very long?  Turns out that’s something to rein in to create a great story.

    After research, thought, and analysis, I’ve tightened up the plot for Salvage’s episode 1.


  • Kaylah and the Doctor (9/22/2018)

    “So, Kili, want a treat?” The doctor held out a jar of lollipops.

    It’s “Kaylah.” She shook her head.  Does he think I’m three?

    A flicker of a frown crossed his face.  “Suit yourself.”

    They were not alone in the cramped medical bay.  Beyond the doctor the medical assistant checked supplies with deft, efficient movements.  The younger man had short hair that spiked up in the oddest directions.  His lip curled up in an odd way on one side, yet, when he had glanced her way…

    He seems friendly. More than the doctor, anyway.  I wonder what— 

    “How are you enjoying your trip so far?” The doctor offered a false smile.

    “It’s okay,” she said softly. I wish Mom had stayed with me. She shifted uneasily.

    “It can be scary leaving home for some people.”  He leaned forward and pressed his hands together at the fingertips.

    Who does that steepling thing? 

    “It’s no big deal,” she said aloud.

    “Do you miss Earth?”

    Well, duh, it was my home, all I ever knew.  She shrugged.

    Behind the doctor the assistant medic looked over his shoulder at her and rolled his eyes.  Her mouth twitched a little, and the burning sensation in her stomach eased.

    The doctor continued, “Space is really big. Does it bother you?”

    “No.”  What, he can’t use big words? Wait– didn’t he even check my file? My space stuff is all over it.

    “How about ship life? Others onboard?” He asked, now scrutinizing the tablet in front of him.

    The lights overhead seemed really bright, almost harsh.  Why is he asking about that stuff?

  • Salvage, Episode 1: The Ship (9/19/2018)

    For right now, the ship in episode 1 of the Salvage Project is called Brio’s Hope.  Here’s a little backstory and detail on the ship from my notes.


  • Salvage Excerpt: Water (4/18/2018)

    “Passengers had a water leak an hour ago.” The air suddenly seemed to sharpen.
    Water had been critical to interstellar travel from the beginning. Reclamation tech had never lived up to its promise, and building craft with large enough water supply tanks proved too expensive for most. So, ships like the Pinoche carried less water, relying on carefully planned stops along the route to collect ice.

  • Salvage Project Excerpt (3/21/2018)

    Although incredibly clean, like the rest of the ship, the floor in the corridor showed its age with scuff marks and scratches, the kind paint doesn’t hide.  As she strode along, the worn metal grating beneath her feet rattled occasionally.  Kaylah tipped her head back to examine the conduits running overhead behind a series of grates.  Several were taped together with what looked like duct tape.

    “A budget ride is a budget ride,” a family friend had warned as they said their last goodbyes back on Earth.  He had added earnestly, “but it will get you there in one piece.  The captain’s a good man.”

    “Whatever that means,” Kaylah thought.  She pulled her coat tighter.  The air smelled musty but better than in the passenger rec area.   On any given day, when too many of the unwashed crammed into the converted cargo hold… Her nose crinkled in disgust.  She understood the need for limited water rationing, but she didn’t have to like it.