December Status

I have my first critique partner!  So exciting!

My novel and children’s series continue on hold.  I’m working on a revision of my science fiction short story, incorporating feedback from online and from my critique partner.

It’s been interesting learning how to add more emotion beats to my write and learning that sometimes the subtlety I shoot for — well, sometimes it’s just too subtle for the reader.

Hurricane Snippet with Emotional Beats

I’ve posted snippets from a hurricane scene a few times before (original, revised, in first and third person).  I’m using it rather as a practice ground.

Here’s a snippet with a few emotion beats added:

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Picky About Genres as a Reader

I read across a wide variety of genres, but in certain genres I stick with one or two authors for the most part, finding other offerings in the genre less than captivating.

Here’s hoping you find something new or at least an old favorite in this list:

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Dialogue Does More Than You Know

Here’s a few tidbits to consider.  Dialogue can

  • Be a vehicle for character
  • Help draw relationships
  • Reveal tensions
  • Create atmosphere
  • Help the reader read between the lines
  • Illustrate underlying emotions
  • Drive the plot forward

I will be pondering the above as I review dialogue in my own writing.

From Writing a Scene with Good Dialogue and Narration by Helga Schier, PhD over on Writer’s Digest.


Goodreads Favorites

It’s time I start exploring the wide world of Goodreads. You can find my favorites by clicking here, by clicking the Goodreads link in the sidebar of this website, or by searching for “Cindy Rae” on Goodreads.

Let me know if you’re on Goodreads, too.

Writing Status for November

Writing Skill Development Takes Precedence

I’m not pushing to complete any of my works in progress at this point.  Instead, I’ve switched gears to improving my writing skills.  This involves incorporating feedback (thank you, Absolute Write Forums!) back into my stories and improving the way emotions are conveyed in my stories.  I’m using not only my works in progress but also snippets from my writing journal.   Stay posted for more before and after examples!

Being a Plotter

Entire arguments exist on the web about writing a book by the seat of your pants (pantsters) and writing by planning the structure in advance (plotter).  What I’ve found is that capturing my dreams and ideas is great as a pantster, but to write well I need to be a plotter.

So, my major ideas are now organized into a MS Word table identifying concept, premise, and M.I.C.E. quotient.  A few of these I’ve developed with a synopsis as well as major setup, conflict, climax, and resolution.  One or two now have heavily developed character charts.



Dear Reader,

Welcome to my website!  Feel free to take a look around.

In work.   I currently have in work a science fiction short story to re-submit, an episodic science fiction series, and a few concepts I’m assessing for development in both science fiction and mainstream genres.  On the back burner I have a mainstream novel of tragedy and family and the start of a children’s picture book series.  My main focus right now is to improve the emotion beats in my stories.

Background.  In my former career I worked on software for over a million personal computers, for three multi-million-dollar NASA spacecraft, and for helping pilots navigate.   Read more about my background here.

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Cindy Rae Johnson

Journal Snippets: A Comparison of 1st and 3rd Person POV

I’ve posted before snippets from my work code-named “Hurricane” (I don’t really have code names, but work-in-progress-I’ll-title-better-later names, but code-named sounds better!).  Here’s two versions, one in the original 3rd person and one in the 1st person.

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