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In work.   I currently have in work a novel of tragedy and family as well as the start of a children’s picture book series.  I recently submitted a science fiction short story.

Background.  In my former career I worked on software for over a million personal computers, for three multi-million-dollar NASA spacecraft, and for helping pilots navigate.   Read more about my background here.

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Writing Status for October

Still reviewing my works in progress and developing better premises for my current list of ideas.  Sifa and Peter is still on hold, as is Zeddy and Bubba.  I’ve turned my attention to several science fiction ideas.  One may work as a short story, and another fits an episodic novella concept quite well, at least at this point.

She didn’t seem like the girl he remembered from college.  She hesitated just a little, an almost indiscernible pause, each time before she spoke.  Her only unguarded moment came when she met his wife for the first time.  Her face lit up, and she smiled in delight.

She calmed slightly as she greeted T.

They all sat back down at the bar, H. standing between the two women.

He gestured at the bartender to order his wife a drink, and picked up his own glass, idly twisting it as he watched the others.

Her face expressed a calm warmth, and she was back to the slight hesitation before she spoke.  She spoke clearly, in a low voice, unhurried.

The girl he remembered could babble on for hours.

Developing Writing Skills

Spend a chunk of your time as a writer developing your writing skills.

An author gave that advice in one of the writing podcasts I listened to recently.  I’ve taken this advice to heart, allocating time and researching how to hone my skills (thank you, Writer’s Digest).

So, this month, I’m going to spend some time on word choice, sentence structure, and setting.  As usual, I’ll continue writing in the journal, writing for social media, and fitting in some work on completing some works in progress.

Sifa and Peter On Hold

I am putting my first novel, Sifa and Peter, on the back burner for now while I hone my writing skills.  It’s become evident that the novel is rather intricate for a first novel.  Take a look at my story premise:

A young woman damaged by her childhood and too eager to please, as well as a mother grieving from a damaging and traumatic genetic legacy of blood clotting, and a hard-working but selfish cousin, come together in during a family member’s crisis, coming to terms with not only family secrets but their past, their flaws, and the true desires of their hearts.


I’m going to take some time for shorter works. More on that to come.

Story Concept and Premise

So, what is the difference between story concept and story premise?

Lately, I’ve focused my writing research on this fascinating topic, including the examination of my story ideas for validity as story premises.  Stay tuned for some examples!

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Poetry Warning: Desolate Landscape

When the sad and lonely sky reverses itself

In a dry and dusty land where the brine pools

And dries before it touches the ground

One turns away from pitiful attempts

To build a bridge across the chasm

To deny the want the desire the purpose

All the while the struggle to surrender twins of anger and resentment

Repeats over and over like an unsteady drum

Eyes are opened wide by a greater hand

And one can no longer hide a head in the sand.

July Status and Ideas

Status?  Well, I still haven’t met my goal of 10 hours a week writing.

But, I’ve reached my 50 post goal on Absolute Write, so I can now submit stories for critique!  Wahoo!

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Nebraska Fireworks

It’s hard describe Independence Day in the heartland.  Here, fireworks are allowed on the 3rd and 4th of July.  Yes, our small city has a big fireworks show over a lake near downtown.  Yes, other organizations will put on shows as well.

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